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Addressing Water Management Challenges in the African Continent

While the right to water is universal, its realization remains a significant challenge, particularly in Africa. This challenge stems from a confluence of factors, including suboptimal management practices and limited access to financial resources, which collectively impede efforts to ensure reliable water access across the continent.

In light of these obstacles, water companies operating in Africa are engaged in a constant pursuit of strategies to enhance their operational efficiency and maximize their revenue generation. The complex interplay of socioeconomic, environmental, and infrastructural constraints has given rise to the pressing need for innovative approaches in sustainable water management.

Against this backdrop, our groundbreaking Digital Water Solutions emerge as a transformative force within the water industry. These solutions mark a pivotal advancement, ushering in an unprecedented era of digital transformation. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge data-driven technologies and visionary innovations, we deliver tailored remedies that hold the potential to reshape the landscape of water management in Africa.

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By doing so, we empower water companies to make informed decisions, optimize their operations, and allocate resources effectively. These efforts, in turn, contribute to conserving water, reducing losses, and bolstering financial viability.

Our commitment to advancing sustainable water management in Africa goes beyond addressing immediate concerns. We envision a future where innovative technologies converge with strategic planning to overcome the challenges that have plagued the continent's water sector. Through collaboration, innovation, and dedication, we strive to pave the way for a more water-secure and resilient Africa.


Recent Milestones

MeziT collaborates with prominent companies: Float IoT Netherlands, specialized in bulk and abstraction metering, and Germany's Ingeniousware, a seasoned expert in AI-driven digital hydraulics modeling, digital twins, and intelligent network monitoring

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The Company

MeziT is a pioneering IoT-driven company that excels in delivering cutting-edge technological solutions tailored for the domain of Non Revenue Water Management. Our expertise lies in establishing all-encompassing, adaptable, and enduring water management frameworks that effectively counteract non-revenue water issues. Moreover, we revolutionize the monitoring of water distribution, leading to heightened revenue optimization. The existing void of up-to-the-minute, dependable data within Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) services hampers the engagement potential of financial establishments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) partners, commercial entities, and even impedes the formulation of well-suited policies by pertinent governmental bodies. Through the data generated and analyzed by our state-of-the-art solutions and platform, we usher in a new era of transparency and accessibility. This, in turn, facilitates tailor-made financial solutions that perfectly align with the requirements of underdeveloped or emerging markets, thus creating a positive impact

The Technology

The MeziT platform stands out with its device and telemetry flexibility. You can seamlessly incorporate data from MeziT's smart meters, sensors, or third-party OEMs, giving utilities instant control over a wide array of intelligent IoT devices. MeziT's smart meters employ advanced sensors and analytics for real-time water consumption data. Accessible through our user-friendly interface on both web and mobile apps, this data reveals consumption trends, high-usage zones, leakages, theft, and fraud. Consequently, actionable steps can be taken to curtail wastage, resulting in substantial cost reductions

Our Approach

At MeziT, our approach to addressing water loss and ensuring financial sustainability is all-encompassing. Our aim is to unite key stakeholders from the water industry, which includes governmental bodies, water utility companies, regulatory entities, and local communities. By nurturing collaboration and the exchange of knowledge, we cultivate an environment that fuels innovation, enhances efficiency, and fosters sustainable water management practices.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We forge robust partnerships with government agencies, water utility firms, regulatory bodies, and research institutions. Through these collaborations, we establish a platform for sharing insights, best practices, and policy frameworks. By working collectively, we aspire to surmount challenges, expedite the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, and instigate positive transformations in the water sector

Community Engagement and Water Education

We deeply understand the significance of involving local communities in the pursuit of sustainable water management. Through active engagement, we raise awareness about water conservation, provide education on prudent water usage, and advocate responsible water behaviors.

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Contributing to SDG Goals

Our unwavering commitment to collaborative partnerships, inventive solutions, and community involvement is geared towards leaving a lasting imprint on water management. By aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6, 10, and 17, we endeavor to effect meaningful change in the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

Adopting Technology for Efficient Water Management

Smart Water Networks

We deploy sophisticated IoT devices, sensors, and meters across networks, capturing up-to-the-minute data on water consumption, flow dynamics, pressure variations, and potential leaks. Our revolutionary solution encompasses Hydraulics Modeling, Precision Sensor Deployment, and the creation of Network Digital Twins, marking the forefront of innovation.

Leak Detection and Monitoring

Empowered by our IoT solutions, we facilitate proactive identification and ongoing surveillance of leaks within water distribution networks. This swift detection and timely mitigation of leaks contribute significantly to the reduction of non-revenue water (NRW) losses for water companies. Furthermore, this approach optimizes the allocation of valuable resources, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

Data Analytics

Harnessing our robust data analytics prowess, we unveil invaluable insights into intricate water consumption trends, network operational efficiency, and the well-being of assets. These encompass a comprehensive understanding of minimum night-flows, DMA performance, and the IWA water balance reporting

Advanced Metering Infrastracture

Presenting our specialized, device-agnostic Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) platform, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate all your intelligent devices. Serving as the pivotal conduit for device communication and data interpretation, this technology forms the bedrock of our digital solutions. Our AMI platform offers the versatility to connect an array of smart devices, spanning from smart meters to noise loggers, and even smart valves.

Asset Management

Experience a map-centric visualization that seamlessly integrates field assets and asset management data. Enjoy the real-time tracking of device health through live field data, coupled with effortless execution of configurations and firmware updates. Embrace the power of AI engines for predictive maintenance, enabling efficient infrastructure management while minimizing device downtime to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Revenue Protection and Management

The realm of meter reading and customer services is swiftly gravitating towards the adoption of smart meter alternatives. The capability to remotely access meter readings not only amplifies transparency between the utility and its customers but also ensures an unceasing vigilance over utility revenues.

Funding The Water Sector in Africa is still a Big Challenge

MeziT boldly addresses the critical financing gap that casts a shadow over the water sector, obstructing the path to both sustainable management and equitable access to clean and secure water resources.

Across Kenya and the African continent, the persistent challenges of inadequate funding opportunities and the pervasive issue of Non-Revenue Water levels act as formidable barriers, impeding the advancement of the water sector.

Our solutions are intricately crafted to penetrate the core of this challenge. We strategically focus on pivotal aspects including water production, distribution optimization, last-mile delivery, infrastructure expansion, and the vital task of reclaiming lost revenue attributed to non-revenue water. This holistic approach is deeply rooted in tailored financial strategies, ensuring an all-encompassing resolution

The collective expertise of our adept team, consisting of both local champions and international consultants, is dedicated to transcending expectations. Our commitment transcends implementation, offering steadfast post-implementation support that's indispensable for achieving lasting outcomes – a crucial assurance particularly vital in the dynamic landscape of ICT projects within emerging markets.


This robust support system in turn fosters unwavering trust among financial stakeholders, ultimately unearthing previously inaccessible funding streams.

Metering as A Service

Metering as a Service transforms metering from a capital-intensive investment into a manageable operational expense. This financial product not only simplifies budgeting but also provides access to advanced technology and expertise while freeing up resources for core business activities

Blended Financing

Through MeziT's Blended Financing service, water utilities can overcome financial barriers that often hinder infrastructure development. By tapping into a diverse array of funding sources, utilities can accelerate project implementation, achieve financial sustainability, and deliver improved water services to communities in need.

Public Private Parnerships

MeziT's PPP service is a catalyst for advancing water infrastructure through effective collaboration between public and private entities. Whether by linking investors to existing projects or co-creating new initiatives, we strive to facilitate transformative partnerships that address water management challenges while delivering financial and societal benefits.

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